Help With Heating Bills

sunflowersFor those who need help with paying heating bills in the winter, most States have Energy Assistance Programs. I used to work with one of the programs taking applications. In most cases, you do Not have to be over 62 or on Social Security Disability. You do need to be over 18, have a heating bill in your name and be under the income guideline. The best place to find out if your City or Town offers assistance is to call the City Hall. It’s possible applications are done at the Community Services building or the Senior Center. Applications are also taken at the agencies that house the Energy Assistance Program.

The help is for all types of heat: Gas, Electric and Oil.

The benefits can be substantial and really help families get through the winter months.  It’s best to apply early before funds run short.



Grocery Store Finds


Walnut Beach and Charles Island, Milford CT


Today I needed salad dressing and ended up going to sort of a fancy end grocery store. Wasn’t my first choice, but I was on the road and needed to get the dressing.

I noticed everyone was buying eggs and yogurt. Turns out the large eggs were on sale for .50 cents a dozen.  The yogurt were also .50 cents each. Score! So, 4 dozen eggs later…I guess we will be having some omelettes this weekend. We are going just a little over on the grocery budget so this will help quite a bit.

Thrift Store Shopping

Philadelphia Skyline-Great Photo Taken by my Husband


I have always been a thrift store shopper. My mom had a consignment store and later on was the manager of the thrift store for the local hospital. Thrifting is in my blood. Today, I found a Kentucky Derby Glass for .99 cents. Should sell for about $6.00 on Ebay.

Recently, I have discovered the Goodwill Outlet Stores. There is one close to my job, so I go about once every two weeks. Clothes are $1.49 a pound. It’s not for everyone and if you notice I’m not saying we too much in this post. 🙂 I love it though and get a lot of great stuff even things new with tags.

Low Budget Land

We are on a quest to pay off all our debt including our mortgage.

We will be posting throughout the process and sharing money and time saving tips and strategies. We  would love to hear what is working for you.

We have started using an online budgeting software program, it’s the Dave Ramsey product, It’s easier to stick to your budget when you have to track your spending and your accountable to each other. Not always fun, but it works.

Things we did to save money and follow the budget this week:

  • Brought lunch to work everyday
  • Made breakfast everyday
  • Went to the gym together. We are not really into cancel your gym membership to save money as it’s a great way to change your state of mind and stay positive.

If you do not have money for the gym, try and walk outside for an hour a day. It really helps your mind stay positive and focused.