Help With Heating Bills

sunflowersFor those who need help with paying heating bills in the winter, most States have Energy Assistance Programs. I used to work with one of the programs taking applications. In most cases, you do Not have to be over 62 or on Social Security Disability. You do need to be over 18, have a heating bill in your name and be under the income guideline. The best place to find out if your City or Town offers assistance is to call the City Hall. It’s possible applications are done at the Community Services building or the Senior Center. Applications are also taken at the agencies that house the Energy Assistance Program.

The help is for all types of heat: Gas, Electric and Oil.

The benefits can be substantial and really help families get through the winter months.  It’s best to apply early before funds run short.




Hi There! Thanks for stopping by. Throughout our many years of marriage and family life we have had times were we had no debt and times when we have had too much debt. It's time to get off the rollercoaster ride and be completely debt free. On this blog we will share our journey, experiences, tips and ideas for saving money and living a more fulfilled life. I have worked in Social Services for 20+ years, mostly with low income individuals and families assisting with State and Federal Government Assistance programs and will be sharing that information as well.

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