How To Get Your Spouse On Board With Budgeting.

Rainbow Over Niagara Falls

Getting your spouse on board with budgeting can be easy or a challenge. You may have a spouse who is a natural saver and loves to budget. You may like a lot of couples have a spouse who really likes to spend and would prefer not to discuss finances.

Here are some steps that may help:

  • Set an example. Make good financial decisions even if your spouse is choosing to do otherwise. They may start to copy your behavior.
  • Take your focus off your spouse and stop blaming them for your financial situation. Your a grown up and responsible for your own life.
  • Discuss finances openly and be honest, but once you have stated the information, leave it be. Try not to go on and on, that may shut your spouse down.
  • Reinforce positive behavior choices with compliments, expressions of gratitude and appreciation.
  • Pray.




Hi There! Thanks for stopping by. Throughout our many years of marriage and family life we have had times were we had no debt and times when we have had too much debt. It's time to get off the rollercoaster ride and be completely debt free. On this blog we will share our journey, experiences, tips and ideas for saving money and living a more fulfilled life. I have worked in Social Services for 20+ years, mostly with low income individuals and families assisting with State and Federal Government Assistance programs and will be sharing that information as well.

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