How To Get Your Spouse On Board With Budgeting.

Rainbow Over Niagara Falls

Getting your spouse on board with budgeting can be easy or a challenge. You may have a spouse who is a natural saver and loves to budget. You may like a lot of couples have a spouse who really likes to spend and would prefer not to discuss finances.

Here are some steps that may help:

  • Set an example. Make good financial decisions even if your spouse is choosing to do otherwise. They may start to copy your behavior.
  • Take your focus off your spouse and stop blaming them for your financial situation. Your a grown up and responsible for your own life.
  • Discuss finances openly and be honest, but once you have stated the information, leave it be. Try not to go on and on, that may shut your spouse down.
  • Reinforce positive behavior choices with compliments, expressions of gratitude and appreciation.
  • Pray.



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