Making The Most of Coupons.


Delaware River



There are many coupon databases on the internet.  A few that come to mind are, Krazy Coupon, Coupon and Living Rich With If you are really into couponing and stockpiling it would be a benefit for you to learn how to use the databases and match the coupons with store sales.  Stacking, which means using a store coupon with a manufacture’s coupon  or register rewards can be quite effective.

A recent purchase we made through stacking: Bought 2 bottles of shampoo at CVS that were on sale for $1.27 each and used one register rewards worth $1.00 and a .55 coupon. Total cost: 2 bottles of shampoo for .99.

Ways to Coupon:

  • Use databases
  • Print online coupons
  • Clip newspaper coupons
  • Clip coupons found in magazines
  • Find coupons in store isles near products
  • Load coupons directly to your store card, this is great because you won’t forget your coupons!
  • Have family and friends save coupons from newspapers for you
  • Get coupons sent to your email
  • Dumpster Dive for coupons

Feel free to add to the list!


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