Thrifty Habits and Hobbies


Boathouse Row- Philadelphia, PA


When you start to examine your spending and take a closer look at the way you spend time, it can be really easy to focus on what your doing wrong.  It’s natural, we are so hard on ourselves. Let’s try and turn the table and find out what’s going on in our lives that is thrifty, healthy and fun!

  • We do a lot of puzzles
  • Walk the dog everyday
  • Go for long hikes most weekends the weather is nice.
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Both enjoy cooking and trying new recipes
  • Check out local attractions that do not charge admission
  • Garden

What thrifty habits and hobbies do you have?




Hi There! Thanks for stopping by. Throughout our many years of marriage and family life we have had times were we had no debt and times when we have had too much debt. It's time to get off the rollercoaster ride and be completely debt free. On this blog we will share our journey, experiences, tips and ideas for saving money and living a more fulfilled life. I have worked in Social Services for 20+ years, mostly with low income individuals and families assisting with State and Federal Government Assistance programs and will be sharing that information as well.

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