Turning Dimes into Dollars.

IMG_1743.JPGHow we stayed to our budget this week:

  • Shopped at Aldi.
  • Shopped at a local year round Farmer’s Market for produce. The prices are just a little less than Aldi.
  • Listened to some budgeting cd’s and read frugal/budget blogs to stay motivated.
  • Avoided tolls.
  • Did less driving.
  • Cooked at home and brought lo’s to work.
  • Sold some books on eBay.
  • Went for long walks outside with the dog.
  • Took pictures.



Score this week-Halloween Clearance.


Well, I had some time to spend browsing a few stores this week. If you look around and see what’s on sale or clearance you can often make out better than using coupons. I have found this to be true even with the more expensive grocery store in our area.

Score: Halloween décor and candy 75% off. The true bargain is the candy. There was quite a bit including the large bags with the fun size chocolate bars. Yeah, were stocked for a while. 🙂  Fall colored, Farmhouse Pumpkin and Apple scented candles also 75% off. All sizes including the large circular candles in the glass holders. I was pretty excited!

I will probably look at few other stores to see what they have left. It’s always good to have a few items on hand for Birthdays. Staying within or under budget and spending cash only!



Budget and Allocated Spending Plan


We have started to do an allocated spending plan in addition to our monthly budget. It was a little confusing and kind of stressful at first, but we figured it out.  We love all the Dave Ramsey stuff, so we printed the forms off his website. Doing the allocated spending plan may be even more beneficial than just doing the budget.  Of course, if you are doing the budget that’s great! It takes a lot of time and work to budget your money and track your spending.  Yay you!

With the allocated spending plan forms you have to look at the money you have for the week and allocate a number of dollars to each  budget category for that week or the categories you need to cover that week. We were -100.00. Uh oh! We went back and made some adjustments. It worked out and now the key will be staying to the plan all week.

Anyone doing allocated spending plans?

Flea Markets


This is the Creek behind our building. It’s lovely in the fall!



Over the weekend we went to a local Flea Market. I’m normally not to big on Flea Market’s and really don’t find too much. This weekend there was a woman selling new health and beauty items like toothpaste, shampoo and razors. I’m pretty sure she’s extreme couponing and selling at the Flea Market. Fine by me!

We stocked up on a few items that were selling for $1.00 to $2.00 each. I admire her entrepreneurial spirit! We will definitely be going back.

Have you had any great Flea Market finds?