Score this week-Halloween Clearance.


Well, I had some time to spend browsing a few stores this week. If you look around and see what’s on sale or clearance you can often make out better than using coupons. I have found this to be true even with the more expensive grocery store in our area.

Score: Halloween décor and candy 75% off. The true bargain is the candy. There was quite a bit including the large bags with the fun size chocolate bars. Yeah, were stocked for a while. 🙂  Fall colored, Farmhouse Pumpkin and Apple scented candles also 75% off. All sizes including the large circular candles in the glass holders. I was pretty excited!

I will probably look at few other stores to see what they have left. It’s always good to have a few items on hand for Birthdays. Staying within or under budget and spending cash only!





Hi There! Thanks for stopping by. Throughout our many years of marriage and family life we have had times were we had no debt and times when we have had too much debt. It's time to get off the rollercoaster ride and be completely debt free. On this blog we will share our journey, experiences, tips and ideas for saving money and living a more fulfilled life. I have worked in Social Services for 20+ years, mostly with low income individuals and families assisting with State and Federal Government Assistance programs and will be sharing that information as well.

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