Making The Most of Coupons.


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There are many coupon databases on the internet.  A few that come to mind are, Krazy Coupon, Coupon and Living Rich With If you are really into couponing and stockpiling it would be a benefit for you to learn how to use the databases and match the coupons with store sales.  Stacking, which means using a store coupon with a manufacture’s coupon  or register rewards can be quite effective.

A recent purchase we made through stacking: Bought 2 bottles of shampoo at CVS that were on sale for $1.27 each and used one register rewards worth $1.00 and a .55 coupon. Total cost: 2 bottles of shampoo for .99.

Ways to Coupon:

  • Use databases
  • Print online coupons
  • Clip newspaper coupons
  • Clip coupons found in magazines
  • Find coupons in store isles near products
  • Load coupons directly to your store card, this is great because you won’t forget your coupons!
  • Have family and friends save coupons from newspapers for you
  • Get coupons sent to your email
  • Dumpster Dive for coupons

Feel free to add to the list!


How To Get Your Spouse On Board With Budgeting.

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Getting your spouse on board with budgeting can be easy or a challenge. You may have a spouse who is a natural saver and loves to budget. You may like a lot of couples have a spouse who really likes to spend and would prefer not to discuss finances.

Here are some steps that may help:

  • Set an example. Make good financial decisions even if your spouse is choosing to do otherwise. They may start to copy your behavior.
  • Take your focus off your spouse and stop blaming them for your financial situation. Your a grown up and responsible for your own life.
  • Discuss finances openly and be honest, but once you have stated the information, leave it be. Try not to go on and on, that may shut your spouse down.
  • Reinforce positive behavior choices with compliments, expressions of gratitude and appreciation.
  • Pray.


Monthly Food Budget

It’s October 10th and we have $233.00 left in the food budget for the month!

Went to Aldi and spent $22.00. I was able to buy: Chicken, Angus Franks, Pasta, Eggs, Yogurt and some snacks. Using what we already have in the pantry and freezer, we should make it without going over the budgeted amount.

Below is a picture of the start of chicken fajitas.

Cut Chicken up into strips and cook 1-2 tablespoons of oil. Add  the fajita mix. You can use the packet of fajita mix or make homemade. We keep a small jar of homemade mix handy. Cut up peppers and onions and cook in separate pan. Add the pepper and onion mix to the chicken. Serve on tortillas with salsa and sour cream.

Chicken Fajita Dinner

Rice Socks


Taken while staying overnight at Mom’s.


It’s  usually cold in my Mom’s house. It’s a large home that is heated by oil. She is very conservative with the heat! Mom fills new tube socks with rice and heats them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and everyone gets one or two when we stay overnight. I have to say they do a great job! If you put one or two in your bed at night you will be warm even hot all night long. We also use them sitting around watching talking or watching TV.

Items Needed:

  • Tube Socks
  • Rubber Bands
  • Rice
  • Microwave

Fill socks with rice, tie at the top or use rubber band to secure the top. Microwave for 2-3 minutes, Be careful when taking out of microwave as socks can be very hot.

Extra tip: from my sister in law, put a drop of scented oil in with the rice for some aromatherapy. Lavender would be very relaxing.

Pizza at the Gym


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So, I went to the gym a lot later than normal. Turns out, if you go late you get the free pizza!  The gym puts out pizza from about 6:00pm to 8:00pm one night during the week. I grabbed a slice on my way out and thought well there goes my workout, but it was great for the budget. Yay to free pizza!



I drink wine and it’s definitely a budget buster. 😦


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Steps to reducing wine costs include:

  • Drinking less wine
  • Buying less expensive brands
  • Shopping at the discount wine and spirits stores. This is hard for us as we like to support small business, but will have to do it while we are paying down debt.

It’s not really a big deal to cut it back, so that will most likely be the most effective method.

What is working for you?

Help With Heating Bills

sunflowersFor those who need help with paying heating bills in the winter, most States have Energy Assistance Programs. I used to work with one of the programs taking applications. In most cases, you do Not have to be over 62 or on Social Security Disability. You do need to be over 18, have a heating bill in your name and be under the income guideline. The best place to find out if your City or Town offers assistance is to call the City Hall. It’s possible applications are done at the Community Services building or the Senior Center. Applications are also taken at the agencies that house the Energy Assistance Program.

The help is for all types of heat: Gas, Electric and Oil.

The benefits can be substantial and really help families get through the winter months.  It’s best to apply early before funds run short.